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Anomalous Cinema – logo / website (2019-Present)

In December of 2019 I started a streaming movie recommendation blog. My graphic look for the site is all based on photos of analog TV screens mixed with high contrast promotional photos from each movie. Take a look at

Night Flower Brand Clothing – shirt design (2018)

During the summer of 2018 I tried my hand at a limited edition clothing brand based on my own hand-drawn illustrations. I created two designs before it became apparent the business was not sustainable. I value the experience nonetheless. The above promotional photo was shot by my friend Gea (who was also the model). You can see more Night Flower-related work over on my Facebook page.

Met Museum / Criterion Collection – promotional postcard (2018)

I am a huge fan of fine art and The Criterion Collection so I mixed them together for a promotional series. I am attempting to do one for each letter of the alphabet. This one I made into a digitally printed postcard. You can see more of these over on my Facebook page.

SCMR – save the date poster (2014)

In Philadelphia I was the lead designer for Marathon Printing who did a lot of “meeting materials” for conventions, etc. This was a 22 x 28″ mounted poster for The Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. I realized that because of the picturesque location I could have some fun with beautiful photography of the region. I found these images and figured out how to use them in an optimal way without overdoing the Photoshop layers.

This design was also used as a print advertisement and program cover.

Cape Fear Safety Supply – web graphics (2014)

Cape Fear Safety got in touch as they needed some gritty but eye catching carousel images and category buttons for their website. This project was wrapped up quickly with very few changes to my original comps. The work was completed in Photoshop with the button vector art done in Illustrator.

Institute for Cannabis Research – logo (2015)

Here’s a very recent logo design of mine that was done entirely in Adobe Illustrator. I was going for a simple, clean and iconic look. My admiration for legendary designer Saul Bass really shows in this logo.

AAOP – save the date ad (2013)

One of the ways I improved on the look of past Marathon meeting materials was by adding screened abstract shapes to the backgrounds in Photoshop. It’s a quick but effective way to get the eye moving around the design. The rest of the cover was done in QuarkXPress. This was the meeting materials project I was most pleased with in the end.

This design was also used as the program cover.

AIC – brochure (2013)

The American Institute of Constructors requested a spare but contemporary brochure design and I delivered the goods. Yes, it’s quite simple but also quite effective. This design was done primarily in Quark with some Illustrator elements.

This is just the front and back panel. To see the full brochure you can download the PDF here.

Binx – drawing (2014)

I don’t get a lot of requests for handmade illustration but my visual art skills are there when needed. This was a commissioned watercolor and india ink drawing. I pared down a digital photo to its essential elements in some pencil sketches then freehanded the ink drawing. I quickly added the watercolor to the dry paper to achieve the end result. The owner of the bunny named Binx was thrilled with the finished piece.

IPPA – final program (2013)

This is one of many program covers I did for Marathon clients. The existing IPPA logo reminded me of the late 80’s / early 90’s so I ran with that feel for the heavily layered Photoshop cover design. I also did the 50+ inside pages using QuarkXPress.

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